Revolución is here !


Revolución Movie Library is a database software for organizing personal collection of movies. Simple and very easy to use with many advanced features, with accent on rich user interface.
The goal was and still is to make software that is simple and easy to use, that makes user feel good and that it does what it is supposed to be doing.

This is the first publicly available version. It’s a beta release of version 0.7 and it’s intended for testing purposes. I encourage you to download and try it. You can use this beta version for 30 days. Please feel free to leave a comment here or write me an email of what you think about it – what should be improved, what isn’t working as expected, is there some new feature that you would like to see in Revolución Movie Library etc. Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Get movie info and movie covers from online movie databases and link to the HD trailer from few movie trailer sites
  • Add movie in three steps
  • Easy catalogize all movies stored on your hard drive
  • Browse movies in three views (list view, table view and cover show)
  • Fast searching
  • Advanced filtering
  • Search and view movie trailers from Youtube
  • Capture frames from movies (so you can quickly remind without playing the movie)
  • Easily export to HTML, PDF, Excel or XML format or upload to Google Docs
  • View movie news like most popular upcoming movies and weekend box office
  • Automatically translate movie info to language you choose
  • Backup and restore database
  • … and many more :)

System requirements

  • Windows XP or Vista (May work on other Windows editions)
  • Java JRE 1.6 update 10 or newer (I suggest Java 1.6 update 14)
  • Good graphics card
  • At least 512MB RAM
  • Internet


Revolución Movie Library 0.7 Beta
~ 17MB

27 comments on “Revolución is here !

  1. Alex says:

    Why just .exe, this is Java right? Can’t we use on mac? I think you use JDIC for brownser, maybe that’s the reason? Really really crazy to use your application, but if is only for windows, I will not be able to use, or buy it. I saw the app from your videos etc, looks amazing, nice work…


    • Željko says:

      Yes, it’s a Java app, but this first version is just for Windows. Why ? Reason is that it uses custom look and feel rather than native look and feel, so I need to do a lot of tweaking to make the app look the same on different OSs. There is most probably going to be a Linux version in near future, but as for Mac I can’t promise anything since for that I would need a Mac to test on. The second thing, from what I know, Mac users usually don’t like non-native looking apps ?

  2. Serhiy says:

    Great work! I am waiting for a Linux version.

    Another question. Are you going to release source code under open source license? Or are you going to release binary build only?


    • Željko says:

      No, I’m not going to release source code. I wrote a couple of posts titled How it’s made, with source code of some interesting parts and I’ll most probably write few more.
      And final release won’t be free.

  3. […] emailed me to say that his Revolución Movie Library 0.7 beta has been released. This application has been linked to before from here, as it shows off what is possible with Swing. […]

  4. cody says:

    I can’t get it to work on my PC and I have Windows vista. What should I Do?

  5. dmitry says:

    In vista you need run it as Administrator.

    For author: Great work, very nice interface, and i am also waiting version for Linux.

  6. vibecy says:

    Hi Željko,

    This is one of the most amazing piece of software for Movie Library Management I have EVER come across – amazing work!!

    I am interested in buying this software ASAP, so please let us know when you plan on releasing a 1.0 version.

    I have a few comments to make, which would make the experience reach a whole new level. From the personal point of view, these are kind of necessity for me:

    1. Ability to use Revolución in Full-Screen mode. This would definitely replace the need of any Media Center enhancement.

    2. Option for automatic renaming of folders and their respective files (avi,mkv,srt,sub) upon correct movie identification.

    3. Monitor folders for adding/deleting movies to the library. This is essential for people who download or rip movies all the time.

    4. Deduce the movie name from movie scene rules. E.g. Fantastic.Four.Rise.Of.The.Silver.Surfer.PROPER.720p.BluRay.x264-HALCYON
    should deduce the movie name and then search for the movie in IMDB/TMDB. If you need the format scene groups use I can locate it online – I saw it somewhere recently :)

    5. More filtering options. E.g. I am interested to locate all my movies from 2009, with genre Comedy AND Action, with an IMDB rating above 7.2. This means that genre should have the ability to be multi-select.

    6. Not so necessary, but ability to build search operators for the various fields and also to search within search results (nested search).

    7. Another option on right-clicking, that would search YouTube for the right-clicked movie trailer.

    8. Subtitle search and download. See SubLight and OpenSubDownloader for more info.

    9. Customisable columns/customisable view maybe? (I am asking for too much at this point possibly!)

    I am looking forward for your comments and discussion on the points above.

    Best of luck with development, keep it up!


    • vibecy says:

      Just a followup, a correct movie renaming format would be (both for folder and files within):

      OriginalMovieTitle (Year) [EnglishTitleIfExists]

      This is what IMDB API likes at least.


    • Željko says:

      First of all, thank you very much for the nice words and such a detailed comment. I really like concrete suggestions.
      Currently I can’t tell you the exact release date of the 1.0 version, but I plan to release 0.8 soon, with much faster database, smaller size, support for Win7 and few other improvements, and probablly with few things you suggested.
      As for the suggestions …

      1. I thought about the full screen mode, but I do not yet have a good idea of how it should look. But I agree that it would be a nice feature.
      2. I planed to improve the folder/files scaning feature, so I’ll add this option too.
      3. So you mean when someone downloads and adds a movie file to some monitored folder, Revolución should automatically add it to the library with all info it finds online ?
      4. Similar logic is already implemented. If you scan files for movies in Add multiple dialog, it will remove words like bluray, dvdrip, 1080p, etc. from the movie file name. But it needs to be improved. List would be useful, if you find it send it to my email.
      5. It’ll be fixed.
      6. I’ll think about this. For example I could let you use simplified SQL for searching.
      7. Great idea. I’ll add that option.
      8. With SubLight web service and other similar sites, it seems easy to find and download a subtitle and so add that feature to Revolución, but I’m not sure if this should be a job of a movie library software ?
      9. Do you mean a possibility to customize table view – to choose columns to display ?


  7. vibecy says:

    Hi again Željko,

    To clarify some of the points:

    1. It’s up to you – even though just a full-screen mode of the current would be sufficient for now.

    3. Exactly – you can have an option to minimize the app to taskbar and keep it active throughout the Windows session – or even a component as a Windows Service.

    4. Check your e-mail.

    8. If you are going with a holistic solution, it would be nice to implement it for us non-English speakers :)

    9. Exactly – Users have different needs for different views on a grid.

    Thank you again for the effort you put into it!


  8. […] player. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that much work has been done on this project after the beta 0.7 has been published back in July. Published in March, has around 2,100 […]

  9. I just want to ask you if you will make more posts like this one, well will you ?:)

  10. pavan kumar says:

    Will the project be open sourced by any chance…..

  11. pavan says:

    what about the ‘‘How It’s Made’ series ..also curious to know about the type of file storage used for indexing movie information

    • Željko says:

      Version that is available for download uses hsql database with Hibernate, and that proved not to be the best solution. It’s not fast enough, and Hibernate adds much to app size. I’m not sure what kind of storage will the next version use, since I’m still experimenting and searching for the best solution … Maybe simple files, xml/json/protobuf format, or some kind of a document database or custom ORM … Maybe I’ll write a post about this ;)

  12. pavan kumar says:

    Just out of curuiosity u have commercial users for the application and also…are u working on releasing a new version of ur current swing app ?

    • Željko says:

      No, I don’t, but I hope I will one day :) As for a new version, currently I’m not working on it, like I said few comments before, because I don’t have time for it, but I plan to do something …

  13. Vladimir says:

    Ako jos uopste pratis ovo reci mi koji moze da bude problem sa aplikacijom posto kada kliknem na ikonicu i probam da je pokrenem on samo pocne sa ucitavanjem i onda odjednom prekine i tako svaki put.
    Windows je W7 a program je instaliran sa “Run as administrator”.

    • Željko says:

      Nazalost program ne radi na Win7, zbog toga sto pokusava da cuva podatke negde gde nema prava da pise. Kao sto vec nekom prilikom rekoh, to je trebalo da sredim u sledecoj verziji ali ne znam da ti kazem kada ce ta sledeca verzija. Mozda bi radio ako bi se podesio compatibility mod na Win XP.

  14. I like the efforts you have put in this, thankyou for all the great posts .

  15. carpet says:

    very good article thanks for the info

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