Java application only for Windows ?!
Short answer: Yes, for now. In future there might be a version for Linux.
Long answer: The thing is that under Linux (more precisely Ubuntu) some UI components and their L&F are different so the application does not look the same as on Windows, so it needs a lot of tweaking and adjusting. As for Mac OS, well, I need a Mac :)

I found a bug in the Revolución Movie Library, how do I report it ?
Just press F2 when in the application and write a description of the problem. Or write and send me an email.

Is this an open source project ?

When will the final release be out ? Will it be free ?
Free, most probably not. I can’t tell you the exact date. But I can tell you that there’s probably going to be few more beta releases before the final 1.0 release.


3 comments on “FAQ

  1. Hueresiech says:

    Looks great! It is already pretty stable, one crash only so far.

    Did you consider to release a freeware version and one paid with add. features ?

    Thank you.

    • Željko says:

      Next version should fix most of the bugs, so it’s going to be much stable. I’m still not sure if there is going to be a freeware version, since I first do not like software with limited features.

  2. Troy J. says:

    Dang, I was all excited because I thought you had created a web based application, shoot!

    -Troy in Arizona.

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