cljMovieIndexer: Revolución’s baby brother

As a task for exam I had to make something in Clojure. My idea was to do something similar to Revolución, just much simpler.

Clojure is a modern variant of Lisp that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It’s designed for concurrent programming, has Lisp-like syntax, it’s built for Java Platform and it’s a functional language so it’s completely different style from Java, C#, C++ and similar languages. For me it wasn’t easy to switch to this style and logic, but once you are there it’s pretty much easy and fun :) Documentation could be more detailed. But there are few blogs/forums where you can find examples (now there is one more ;)).

The Idea

(… or how it works)

cljMovieIndexer runs from console. You specify the directory where your movies are, and it scans the directory and extracts movie names from sub-directory names. It will ignore unnecessary words like resolution, scene names, dots, release types etc. Using the extracted movie names cljMovieIndexer downloads movie info (stuff like release year, plot, actors, cover image) from TMDb and creates a movie description file (web archive format) which is saved in each movie directory. Continue reading