Begin the Revolución …

Two years ago I started writing a program that will allow me to catalog my movies. I called it Revolucion Movie Library.

There are many programs out there that can do this, but non of them suited me. Some are too complicated, have many useless features and make simple things hard to do. And most of them are … ugly.

In meantime I changed it many times, optimized, polished the interface, added few interesting features that friends requested and improved it and improved it again. And, of course, fixed bugs I created. The goal was and still is to make software that is simple and easy to use, that makes user feel good and that it does what it is supposed to be doing.

Revolucion Library - Main view

So, it’s not completely finished yet, but here are some of the current features and screenshots.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Get movie info and movie covers from online movie databases
  • Add movie in three steps
  • Easy catalogize all movies stored on your hard drive
  • Browse movies in three views (list view, table view and cover show)
  • Fast searching
  • Advanced filtering
  • Search and view movie trailers from Youtube
  • Capture frames from movies (so you can quickly remind without playing the movie)
  • Easily export to HTML, PDF or Excel format
  • View movie news like most popular upcoming movies and weekend box office
  • Automatically translate movie info to language you choose
  • Backup and restore database
  • … and other that I currently can’t remember …

Demonstration video:

Watch in HD: (use full screen option).


Revolucion Library - Main View Revolucion Library - Cover Show
Revolucion Library - List View Revolucion Library - Table View - Details
Revolucion Library - Trailer View Revolucion Library - Edit movie

The Revolucion Library is still in development, but the first beta version will probably be available in next few weeks.

For all developers out there, Revolucion Library is written completely in Java with custom Swing components and few open source libraries, backed by Hibernate and HSQL database. For details, ask.

Please do tell me what you think about all this. Do you like it or not, and why ? What features do you think this type of software needs to have ? Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.