About me

Something little about me …

I’m Željko Ziriković, student of Computer science faculty from Serbia. In free time I write software in Java, but currently it’s mostly dedicated to Revolución Library.
You can contact me at revolucionlibrary[at]gmail.com.

9 comments on “About me

  1. Leo says:

    how do you get those movies onto your library?

    • Željko says:

      You can either insert movie manually by entering movie title, year, actors and other info or you can just enter the name of the movie and get all the information and cover from internet movie database.

  2. Tom says:

    I love it, how do i get it for more than 30 days? Can I pay for it somehow… paypal?



  3. bj says:

    I simply love this, i spent days looking for a program that does what Revolucion Movie Library does and looks simple and easy to use. i found it on youtube and downloaded it, installed with no problem (plus installed JRE) and now it starts loading displays the “intro”? and does nothing so please help me

    • bj says:

      quick edit

      I use Win 7 so in it you need to use run in compatibiity mode with Wn Xp SP3 and it works


    • Željko says:

      Yes, version 0.7 is not compatible with Windows 7. It’ll be fixed in next version.


  4. David says:

    Pretty Nice…but I need it for more than 30 days!

  5. Martins says:

    Pls I need this software, hope is available on WINDOWS PC, I want to also know if It can be placed on a server for client system to download and ue?

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